Production Staff - Full Time

Join #TiMadBagel!

To help our COO to run the kitchen operation and production line, we are looking for a Production Staff to join #TiMadBagel.

We are keen to meet with a passionate and driven person who is good at numbers, reading data and people management. You will be working closely with our COO, Head of Retail Operation and all the production staffs. 

Job Descriptions:

  • To collect, manage, process and interpret production data and use them to plan the production effectively.
  • To work together with the kitchen leader in production planning
  • To oversee kitchen and storage management, and to propose any improvements needed.
  • To work better with kitchen leader to minimize product waste
  • To oversee the quality control and ensure kitchen ability to supply quality products
  • To work together with sales/marketing team, to be able to plan production better to support sales/marketing programs.
  • To work together with retail and marketing department to deliver product innovations


  • Good understanding of F&B industry and bakery production processes is preferred
  • Ability to collect, manage, process and interpret data
  • Strong in excel and ability to work in G-Suite environment
  • Good understanding of kitchen and storage management
  • Good people management and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with other departments.
  • A good problem solver and ability to think creatively
  • Attention to detail 
  • Willing to work remotely and has its own transportation vehicle
  • Hold a Bachelor Degree in any related major is preferred
  • Previous work experience in similar industry is preferred

If you have what it takes to join #TiMadBagel, send your resume to

We are looking forward to meeting you!