Best Bagel in Town!

It Takes Two to Tango

MAD Bagel was started in 2014 by two bakery aficionado, Anika and Putri. For the lack of finding a decent bagel in Jakarta, we decided to make one ourselves in our home kitchen. Little did we know that we never stop making bagel ever since. Thanks to our loyal customers!

Wholeheartedly Handrolled

Striving to be the leading bagel maker in Indonesia, we take great pride in our commitment to serve authentic New York bagels that is famous for its dense and chewy texture. We developed our signature recipe and preserve the traditional baking method by hand-rolling, boiling and baking each bagel to perfection.

Passion for Bagel

We'd love to have more Indonesians enjoy eating bagel. We strive to be the best bagel maker in town! We have three pick-up points, Bintaro, Blok M and Kemang. We are also available on Go-Food, Grab Food and Tokopedia as well as supplies to supermarket, cafe and restaurant.

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Been looking for authentic bagel like the ones in the US for ages in Indo... and I finally found this place!


Marvelous! Enak banget.. texture chewynya aku suka banget. Akhirnya nemu bagel enak di Jakarta yang sama kayak di US!


Enak dan comparable banget sama bagels di Boston! PastiĀ akan pesen lagi.


Great bagels! The bagel and cream cheese is crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. Generous amounts of cream cheese too.

The Lox (smoked salmon) is fantastic! What a great mix of ingredients. The aftertaste is almost perfect!

Very recommended!

Andrias Kosasih

I was craving good bagel, which is hard to find. But thankfully a few days trip to jakarta, i stumbled to this one. Cream cheese bagel is amazing.

Putri SN

Serasa makan bagel di LA, tekstur n tastenya persis. Cream cheesenya berlimpah. Recommended bgt.

Ulie Haryanto

Yo this is mad good. The strawberry cream cheese was bomb. I toasted mine so it was crispy and chewy at the same time.

Sonia Arumdati